Moonhopper Productions

Animation and Special Effects

From the sublime to the ridiculous

We have developed a number of animation techniques from the traditional cell animation techniques through to CGI and composite visual effects. We also pride ourselves on our post production sound effects and manipulation techniques. We can realise your entire visual project from concept to final product, providing a cost efficient solution to your animation needs for adverts and corporate promotions.

Our experience means that we can draw upon knowledge gleaned from several key arenas, including advertising, theatrical, commercial and industrial. We like to think we can work out how our customers tick, and we take great efforts to delivering to expectations.

Original Moonhopper Productions Logocard

Test Animation for Moonhopper Productions

Moonhopper Countdown Clock

Idea to Value Animation

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ISearchSense - Promotional Site Video

The Starjammer Bulletin - Informercial for The Starjammer Group