Moonhopper Productions

Education and E-Learning

Create new challenges and opportunities

Moonhopper thrives on the challenge of designing and delivering educational content to all ages on a number of platforms for almost any subject you can think of. We like the fact that we learn and are inspired sometimes as much as the people our media is aimed at.

To this end, Moonhopper Productions are determined to produce content that delivers results and inspires others. We can create half-hour instructionals to a series of five minute web tutorials and promotional in order to deliver your message across a number of digital media platforms. Interactivity is the key here. Our remit is to entertain and enlighten your audience.

Students fare better when they can learn at their own pace, and revisit concepts and ideas at their leisure. Taking the pressure off the individual and opening their minds to further learning is the key aim here. What is often forgotten is that teachers and professionals are often still learning. New practices and changes in legislation and procedure often require adapting and retraining to bring those staff and resources in line with modern practices.

Continuous Personal Development

We specialise in Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and can develop resources for any organisation or body in order to keep their primary resources, their staff, happy and appraised of the latest developments, revising their skillbases, or training them in specialist areas.

By developing a library of resources, educators can share resources quickly and effectively and promotes learning for the professionals under their wing that want to revise their skillbases or improve on key areas of their careers.

We can help you use those tools to their optimum effectiveness, taking the best facets of face-to-face teaching and blended learning techniques. The student then drives their own progress through their enjoyment of the subject being undertaken.

We are happy to discuss the development of CPD projects with you or your organisation. Feel free to call or email us for a quote.