Moonhopper Productions

Editing and Production Services

Bringing a fresh eye to your project

We offer our clients editing solutions and post-production services that fit their budgets and raise the bar for them with our professional and inventive approach. In addition to helping our clients create innovative content, we can provide original screen graphics and imagery to both augment your brand and entertain your target audience. We can also generate corresponding multimedia content across the range including internet clips, virals and physical copies of your production in DVD format, complete with menus and sleeves. We love to work on fast-turnaround projects - launch and corporate events, product announcements and news events.

When delivering a DVD, CD or CD-ROM to clients or potential customers, it is important to brand and package the item so that they get the most from your work. Not only do we do the design work on the cover and label, we can also develop DVD menus that accentuate your work.

Please feel free to give us a call or email us for a quote and delivery timescales.