Moonhopper Productions

Video and Multimedia

Videos and Promos

Video provides your production with the perfect medium to show off what you can do, both as a DVD to send to clients, or as streaming multimedia on the internet. We produce high definition recordings, and our team is used to working in non standard and extraordinary environments, not just the office – from the boardroom to the ballroom, live gigs to oil rigs, we can film it for you. We are careful to ensure that you present yourself how you want to be seen, in a way that enforces your identity and your brand to your target audience in the best possible way to promote you.


Function bands often use showreels to demonstrate their skills and repertoire to potential customers. We are happy to create promos of varying lengths for bands and can produce these in a number of formats – video, DVD and streaming multimedia for our clients.

Live filming

Live filming always brings its own unique problems and foibles from one session to the next; they are never the same. It does however present you in your best light, especially if you are a band or live performer. Comedians and magicians especially come into their own live, especially when people can see their live act. With live filming however, more equipment is required and the editing time is increased.

In order to keep your costs down and produce a product that you can afford and be happy with, we will discuss with you the options and how we would go about filming a live event. Alternatively, we can record you in your studio rehearsing. We can also produce music videos, drawing upon the needs of the band and the skills of our directors to ensure a first rate video promo. Call us for a quote, budget ideas, or drop us an email.